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And the seasons change by Leda
October 29, 2010, 6:57 am
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Hard to believe it is nearly the end of October (and our internships at Four Frog Farm). The heavy rain last weekend (6-7 inches!) and the colder nights that have overtaken us have been a rude awakening, for me at least, that the summer vegetables and season are winding down. The last few weeks have seen us calling it quits on a number of crops that are done with production for the year. First was the summer squash: mulch and irrigation were taken up, the field was disced and beds were shaped. Earlier this week we mulched the aisles with straw to help with erosion. Today the first cloves of garlic went into the ground. Some were our own Dujanskii seed garlic that we had saved from our summer harvest and some were a softneck variety (California early white) purchased from Peaceful Valley farm supply.

As a farmer, this time of year seems to consist of both urgency and reflection. The methods that we choose to farm by dictate that we be diligent in transitioning fields from production into cover crop. However, it is hard to tear out plants that may have a few good fruit left (more immediate profits) in order to invest in future productivity. The best we can do is fondly recall the plant’s life cycle in which we have played a part and imagine the good we are doing for next year.

Right now, the days are getting shorter and the rhythm of work on the farm is changing as well. Indeed, this is the last week of work for the interns, and Ryan, who will be leaving to pursue his teaching certificate. That will leave Andrew, Logan, and Pablo to shoulder the work for the last few weeks of the CSA season. They will be harvesting less and attending only the Auburn farmer’s market, but I know they will find plenty to do.

I sure have enjoyed working at Four Frog Farm this season. Especially, on days like today with the sun warming my shoulders and fall in the air, it feels pretty good to be a farmer.

Thanks to Andrew and Logan for this great introduction to farming that they have graciously shared with me this year and I’m hopeful that I will be farming for many years to come!

-Farmer Leda


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