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Market Shenanigans by Leda
August 17, 2010, 4:26 pm
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Farmer’s markets are like yard sales for vegetables. First and foremost, the goods that you are selling are dear to your heart. It is hard to sell the first real bike you ever had for $20 when you move. But, that’s life, and so is selling a bunch of beets for $3. Not just any beets; the beets that you have seeded, irrigated, cultivated, thinned, and finally hand selected, bunched, and washed. Those beets mean more than the $3 price tag. A farmer’s market is the perfect venue to capture that meaning. It is so satisfying to sell that bunch of beets directly to a couple who wants to tell you all about how they are going to prepare them for dinner that night.

In order to enjoy a market, you have to let the excitable folks outshine the complainers. There is not a market that goes by where someone does not comment on the “high” price of our produce. “Oh my, $4 for a basket of strawberries!” Yes, $4 is what it costs to nurture those strawberry plants without chemical fertilizers, weed and tend them by hand, grow them no farther than 1 hour from where they are being sold, and deliver them to this market stand no later than 24 hours after they were hand picked at the peak of ripeness.

On the other side of the spectrum (and luckily these encounters are more common) are those people who are just so pleased to see organic farmers. I have even begun to take for granted the comments about how beautiful our produce looks (see picture above, it does look good doesn’t it?). I must say, though, that my favorite conversations are with people who are just encountering this kind of quality food. I smile every time I think about the surprise on that little girl’s face after biting into a sungold cherry tomato and discovering that I wasn’t lying when I said they taste like candy.

If you haven’t been to a farmer’s market this season, please go check one out!

Four Frog Farm sells at these markets:

Nevada City Downtown 8AM-Noon, Saturdays

Nevada City Presbyterian Church, 3PM-6PM, Tuesdays

Truckee River Regional Park, 8AM-Noon Tuesdays

Grass Valley Downtown 5PM-8PM, Thursdays

Auburn Oldtown 8AM-Noon, Saturdays

Hope to see you there!

-Farmer Leda